We are happy to endorse and setup hosting plans for you on the following providers:

Yes, we’d ask for an Admin login and FTP access.

Some of our services are costed with a fixed price, either one-off or recurring.

Some of our services have to be costed individually, based on a clients requirements.

For example:

Optimisation is a one off service, costing £30

security is an ongoing monthly service, priced at £10 per month.

Yes, very much so. Everything leaves the factory search engine ready !

Yes, it will work on everything. Fully responsive websites only – as standard.

Try this one on your phone/tablet

A plugin or ‘addon’ is an additional bit of functionality, developed usually by a 3rd party, that can be added to WordPress to extend scope of what can be achieved.

An example of this is an E commerce addon such as Woocommerce

A theme is a collection of templates, installed within WordPress, that governs the look and feel of the sites pages/posts and other aspects.

Sometimes known or referred to as a ‘Skin’

A CMS ‘Content Management System’ is a term used to describe a web application that provides a website on the public ‘front-end’ and a website management system on the ‘backend’

With WordPress you can get a lot for your investment. In terms of functionality, WordPress combined with 3rd party addons can achieve pretty much anything. Its flexible, extensible and comes with a great CMS, out of the box !

These reasons and more are why 75 million sites are built with WordPress!