The importance of backup in your security strategy

Much of WordPress security focuses, quite rightly, on prevention methods. However, with WordPress backup in place, you can have a strategy in place to cope with a worst case scenario.

With the best intentions and, even when following the best practice, in terms of security, it is still possible for almost any website to be hacked by a very determined hacker. In that scenario, your website monitoring software should alert you (if you have it in place that is).

Often when alerted to an illegal intrusion into a website, acting swiftly can mean removing any malicious code inserted into the site or database. Sometimes however, malicious code can spread itself throughout your website files very quickly, before you have a chance to even look.

In this scenario the best option is to simply delete your site and database and restore a clean backup.

This type of restore can take only a few minutes and in a worst case, an hour or two. This is obviously preferable to trying to find and remove thousands of lines of malicious code buried deep in all corners of your website.

So you see, backup is a big part of security. Sometimes its the crucial part. In any case, nightly backup will bring peace of mind.

To achieve this level of security all you need to do is setup a nightly backup that includes the database and have that stored outside of the web root (where your website is stored) – for obvious reasons.

Once this is in place the most you can lose from when your site is hacked is 1 day worth of updates and often it amounts to a few hours or nothing at all.

At StayPress all our security services include a nightly off-site backup as standard, on rotation – so that you have the peace of mind of a weeks worth of snapshots should you need to restore your site.

This approach coupled with real-time intrusion monitoring, means that you can beat the hackers, even when they succeed!

Don’t have an automated site backup in place? Contact us now for help setting this up.