WordPress security, maintenance & protection

£10.00 / month

Get a real person to look after your site! Feel secure knowing we have all the bases covered. Incorporating everything your site needs to stay happy and safe.


Get a real person to look after your site! This is a fully comprehensive packaged designed to keep your existing WordPress website optimised, up-to-date and secure. Includes everything you need:

Security hardening & security guard (monthly health check, real-time monitoring & alerts)

Real-time Monitoring
We monitor your website activity 24/7 for any suspicious activity or sudden changes in resource usage.

Backup your site every day – kept separate from your site. To be used in case a recovery is needed.
* Your website needs to be hosted by us in order to be backed up nightly with us

We keep your WordPress core and plugins up-to-date for you. This is standard best practice and has many benefits.

We use an array of technologies & tweeks to ensure the site is using its resources most effectively, running as fast and smoothly as possible.

Note: this service cannot guarantee your site does not get hacked as we have no control over the build of the website but it will reduce the chances of a hack by a considerable factor and, if your site is hacked at any time, we will know almost immediately and can offer you a path to recovery via the backups that are taken daily. Note This service does not guarantee to keep every aspect of your install up-to-date, since depending on configuration, some updates can break an application. Where a specific updates breaks an application, we will endeavour to avoid updating that item, whilst updating everything else possible.

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