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Wordpress Supply Chain

Supply chain attacks

What are supply chain attacks and how can you guard against them? A supply chain attack is an attempt to break into your website, not via a backdoor or an exploit in a piece of code but instead exploiting a trusted relationship between software sellers or authors and their customers. In WordPress this usually means via

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Wordpress backup

The importance of backup in your security strategy

Much of WordPress security focuses, quite rightly, on prevention methods. However, with WordPress backup in place, you can have a strategy in place to cope with a worst case scenario. With the best intentions and, even when following the best practice, in terms of security, it is still possible for almost any website to be

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Wordpress Firewall

Why we don’t use Cloudflare for WordPress security

Cloudflare offers a Cloud based Web Application Firewall (WAF) as a means to setup a WordPress Firewall. This means your website traffic is routed through their web-based firewall, where traffic is filtered according to their firewall rules. This sounds great. However, there are 2 flaws in this approach: 1. The re-routing of your website traffic

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