What is WordPress hosting and why do I need it?

Hosting is hosting – right?


Not all hosting is the same. All webservers are not the same. They come in many types, loads of versions and thousands of different configurations.

WordPress hosting is hosting on a webserver that has been specifically designed and configured to provide optimised WordPress hosting, enhanced WordPress security and an all-round better experience using the CMS behind your site.

Back in the noughties, WordPress sites were just hosted on regular LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) servers) with little or no extra WordPress specific configuration. These were difficult times for WordPress developers!

Before the era of optimized WordPress hosting, WordPress sites were often slow, hard to configure, insecure or all three ! Thankfully things have changed a lot in the last 5 years ! Today we have some great WordPress hosting services out there and the market is competitive so prices are great too!

So, what’s the best WordPress hosting service for me?

Well, the answer to this depends on what your site is like and what your traffic needs are, whether or not you have an in-house developer or have out sourced your support and what that team is capable of doing themselves. These are all questions we make sure to ask and think through on your behalf, before choosing the right hosting service for you.

This is why we have formulated our Business model in the way we have – so that we are not tied to a specific WordPress hosting service and neither are you. So that, you are not obliged to use our services for your support and maintenance, backup, security and optimization.

We’ve designed our WordPress services to be as flexible as possible so we can tailor them for your needs.

The first thing we do is ask questions.