WordPress optimization

With cars being the obvious analogy for talking about speed and WordPress, all WordPress sites are really a kit car. There’s no such thing as a Ferrari or Porsche with a WordPress site. In other words, a factory manufactured fast WordPress site. You can’t simply buy a fast site – you have to build it. So, how do you do that?

When it comes to fast cars, there are 2 basic approaches:

1. Lean & light
2. Sheer power

Are you going to concentrate on building your WordPress site to not be resource hungry and therefore lean and quick or will you simply give your site loads of power (a big engine) to deliver content fast? Or will you try to do both?

Streamlining WordPress

There are 2 key factors in this:
– Reducing the number of database queries made by the WordPress application
– Reducing the number of media assets and size of the media assets

How to reduce the number of database queries WordPress makes

How to keep your Media assets under control

Boosting power/resources for WordPress