WordPress optimisation

WordPress optimisation is a service designed to ensure your WordPress site is performing as well as it should. It covers a number of aspects of your WordPress site, from how the server is configured to database optimisation, minification, script deferral, caching and compression.

Optimisation is important for a number of reasons:

User experience.

Ideally, you need your average page load time to be below 2 seconds. Users that have to wait for pages to load will soon be put off browsing your site and you can lose business as a consequence.


Google and other search engines increasingly use site speed as an important ranking metric. They know that user experience  is a key part of a websites relevance.


Optimisation is different for every WordPress site. Its usually a one-off service but regular checks are also necessary to ensure the WordPress system is in good health.

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Based in Brighton, we have WordPress optimization clients across Sussex and even as far afield as London.

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